What to Pack for Your Short-Term Rehab Stay

Posted on February 15, 2018 | This post was written by The Woodleigh

The goal of any quality short-term rehab facility is twofold:

  1. Get you back in fighting form
  2. Get you home as quickly as possible

But regardless of how short-term your short-term stay proves to be, there are a few helpful things to pack that will make your time there more comfortable.


Chargers and devices are a must. That includes your smartphone and whatever else you wouldn’t want to be without. Are you on your iPad a lot? Your e-reader? Make sure you’ve got all the requisite cords, and that they’re all clearly labeled. And be sure to download some content you’ll enjoy ahead of time, maybe that new book you’ve been meaning to start. It’s also a great idea to check on passwords for any Wifi when you check in so you or a loved one can get things set up right away.

Preferred Toiletries

Even though your time in short-term rehab will, by definition, be short, it can still be disorienting to be out of your normal routine. And nothing throws you off quite as much as being without your morning or evening rituals. So be sure to pack the toiletries you use at home. While it’s not helpful to pack the entire contents of your bathroom, you’ll be amazed at how much familiar items can help you feel like yourself.


Of course, you want clothing you can move in, but you want to give just as much consideration to comfort as you do capability. Loose-fitting clothing is typically best. Make sure you can move, and that you won’t be too hot or cold. Temperatures can vary, with some places favoring air conditioning and others heat. And your own temperature is bound to change as you move through your physical or occupational therapy regimen. For these reasons, consider layers as well. We advise something that zips on and off easily. And don’t forget to pack the right shoes.

Mementos from Home

Again, regardless of the length of your stay, it’s important to feel comfortable. Is there a picture you always keep on your nightstand? How about a scrapbook or digital picture frame loaded with pictures of your family? Try to leave valuable or easy-to-lose items such as jewelry at home, but definitely pack one or two items that make the room you’ll be staying in feel like your room for the time you’re there.

Sleeping Items

Nothing will throw you off faster than a lack of sleep. You’ll be working hard throughout your stay at short-term rehab. But regardless of how tired you are, sleep can sometimes prove aggravatingly elusive. Take whatever precautions you can against that. A trusted pillow, comfortable pajamas, and cozy slippers are always a good bet.

Check with the Facility

Does your bag look a little empty? Or does it feel like you’re packing way too much? Either way, a quick call to the short-term rehab facility can help assuage some of your anxiety. Someone there will be able to help you tick off the essentials and caution against some unneeded items.

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